• Hong Kong
    January 24-26, 2018
    Engineering Applied Sciences
    Computer & Information Sciences Education
    Psychology Social Studies


  • Osaka, Japan
    February 6-8, 2018
    Engineering Natural Sciences
    Applied Sciences Management
    Social Sciences Education & Psychology
  • Bangkok, Thailand
    February 22-24, 2018
    Applied Sciences Engineering
    Education Psychology
    Social Sciences Business & Management


  • Taipei
    March 13-15, 2018
    Engineering Education
     Natural Sciences Social Studies


  • Kyoto, Japan
    March 27-29, 2018
    Information Technology Engineering
    Life Sciences Social Sciences
    Education & Psychology Business & Management


  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    April 12-14, 2018
    Natural Sciences Engineering
    Communication Social Sciences
    Education & Psychology Business & Management
  • Hokkaido, Japan
    May 1-3, 2018
    Engineering & Information Chemical & Biological
    Environmental Sciences Education
    Management Social Science
    Psychology Society
  • Shanghai
    May 22-24, 2018
    Social Sciences Management


  • Okinawa, Japan
    June 27-29, 2018
    Engineering  Education
    Applied Sciences Social Sciences
    Computer & Information Sciences Finance

2017 ACEAT

The Annual Conference on Engineering and Applied Science (ACEAT) is an international platform for scholars, researchers and practitioners to discuss interdisciplinary research and practices in the fields of Aeronautics & Aerospace Engineering, Applied Sciences, Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering and Technology, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Information Engineering and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Technology, Power & Energy Engineering and all sub-fields.


2017 ACEAT will take place from November 6-9, 2017 in Fukuoka, Japan. Prospective authors are invited to submit original research abstracts or full papers which were not, are not and have not been submitted/published/under consideration in other conferences and journals. 


For more details, please visit ACEAT Website!



Keynote Speaker: Associate Professor Cheng, Kuan-Chen Ph.D.

Institute of Biotechnology,
National Taiwan University,

Topic:  Production of Bacterial Cellulose and Its Application in Wound Healing



ACEAT History

2016 ACEAT was held in Kyoto, Japan, during November 22-24.

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Kuan Chen Cheng 

Keynote Speaker

Kuan-Chen Cheng
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Institute of Biotechnology
National Taiwan University

Topic:  Recent Advanced of Ganoderma formosanum Cultivation and Its Bioactivity

Tags: Aeronautics and Aerospace EngineeringBiological EngineeringChemical EngineeringCivil EngineeringComputer and Information SciencesElectrical EngineeringElectronics EngineeringEnvironmental EngineeringFundamental and Applied SciencesMaterial EngineeringMaterials ScienceMechanical EngineeringPower and Energy