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The Higher Education Forum (HEF) is an international academic conference organizer. We have been cultivating the field of academic conference since 2010, organizing and holding over 80 conferences in 25 cities around the world. We firmly believe that quality international academic conferences will enhance higher education development and facilitate knowledge dissemination. We cover both the natural and social sciences disciplines: Engineering, Applied Science, Life Science, Business, Education, Social Sciences, and so forth.


HEF provides a platform for scholars and professionals to exchange the latest research results, and encourages young talents to engage in international academic events and build their networks. Nowadays, interdisciplinary research is increasing and playing a key role; through our interdisciplinary joint conferences, participants can share their viewpoints from different perspectives and seek new collaboration and research opportunities across fields.


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Through years of effort, the Higher Education Forum has been continuously growing and expanding. Currently, we have about 50,000 members from 108 countries and over 115 committee members, and collaborate with more than 200 journals. Our conferences can fit your schedule – There are 1 to 2 conferences hosted each month on average, and almost 20 conferences are held per year. Moreover, we offer great flexibility! You can opt to transfer to attend another conference whenever an unforeseeable event arises.


A world of opportunity awaits you! Join us, and start your interdisciplinary academic exchange and networking now!