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Topic: What Can Exchange Students Tell us about Medical Tourism in Asia?


Keynote Speaker:

Peter J. Morton
Center for Language Teaching and Learning, and Department of Economics
Chinese Culture University


Abstract: For the APSSSM conference in March 2017, I would like to present some research findings from a survey conducted by my graduate student Le Kim Ngan and I, about the international medical tourism market, using information obtained from international graduate students currently studying in Taiwan. We studied their individual interactions with Taiwan’s healthcare system during their stay, and also questioned them about previous consumption of medical services outside their home countries, not only by themselves but also by their families and acquaintances. We were able to draw some easily understood conclusions about how flows of medical tourism respond to income, pricing, distance, and availability of insurance, but we also identified some more difficult to explain behavior patterns associated with particular countries of origin.


Brief Introduction of Prof. Peter J. Morton: Originally from Long Island, New York, Peter Morton earned his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California at Davis in 1988. He has taught at Chinese Culture University in Taipei since 1992, and during this time has lectured and published in Economics, Business and Language Education. His recent research has been about the role of tourism in economic development, and the consequences of authors’ stylistic choices for academic publication and citation.