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Topic: Natural Science Education


Keynote Speaker:

Dr Vivian Louis Forbes
Distinguished Research Fellow and Guest Professor, CIBOS, Wuhan University, PRC
Adjunct Research Professor, National Institute for South China Sea, Haikou, PRC


Abstract: The Natural Sciences Sector contributes to UNESCO’s mission by using the discipline to foster peace, to eradicate poverty and to promote sustainable development. The overarching objective is mobilising scientific knowledge and policy for sustainable development with the following three strategic programme objectives:
Leveraging scientific knowledge for the benefit of the environment and the management of natural resources;
Fostering policies and capacity-building in science, technology and innovation; and
Contributing to disaster preparedness and mitigation.


The two priorities for the natural sciences are: Strengthening science, technology and innovation (STI) systems and policies for sustainable development, poverty eradication and a culture of peace and non-violence; and, Mobilizing science for the sustainable use of natural resources, renewable energy and energy efficiency, and for natural disaster reduction and mitigation. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development underlines the power of science as a driver for human rights and dignity, poverty eradication and the protection of the planet. The debate between quick scientific gains and long-term public investment in basic and long-term to enlarge the scope of scientific discovery is relevant and necessary.


Women remain under-represented in the natural sciences. Indeed, according to the report, women account for a mere 28 per cent of researchers around the world. The gap widens at the upper echelons of the decision-making process. Generally women have less access to funding. This presentation examines the science education policies of select regional States and in a global context for a just and sustainable world.


Brief Introduction of Dr. Vivian Louis Forbes:
Dr. Forbes is presently:
• A Distinguished Research Fellow and Guest Professor, CIBOS and CICTSMR, Wuhan University (ongoing to 2017)
• Adjunct Research Professor, NISCSS, Haikou, PRC (extended to June 2019)
• Guest Professor, Xiamen Universities; Dalian Maritime University and Yunnan University
• Visiting Research Fellow, Maritime Institute of Malaysia (ongoing since 1993)
• Adjunct Professor, School of Earth and Environment, UWA
• A Committee Member of Higher Education Forum, Taiwan

He is professional, practising cartographer, marine political geographer, lecturer in spatial sciences and marine affairs and former Merchant Naval Officer. He is a professional cartographer, lecturer, supervisor to Graduate and Under-graduate students. He is author of a number of books, atlases and has been consulted on matters relating to maritime and terrestrial boundaries. He has presented his research on higher education at conferences.