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Topic: A Preparative Examination of the Open-Access Scholarly Journal Phenomena


Tutorial Speaker:

Dr. P.C. Pete Kutschera, Ph.D.
Visiting Professor and Research Fellow
Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University
Bacolor, Pampanga, Luzon
and Executive Director, Philippine Amerasian Research Center,
Angeles, Philippines


Abstract: Open-access scholarly journals found profligately on the Internet today are essentially a 21st Century phenomena that continue to engulf academia in the developed and developing world. They have already emerged, in some quarters, as a useful staple for current and future generations of working researchers and their far flung erudite forays. This introductory lecture provides a compact overview of the rise and current state – for better or worse - of the explosive and mostly on-line, free-access, author-pays model of research publication. It attempts to contrast and correlate the pluses and minuses, the “hits and misses” of an innovative intellectual publishing genre, born of the new information technology communications period. It is one that at times is in conflict with and competing for the traditional, pay-for-subscription commercial publishing ventures that have dominated establishment “Brick and Mortar” universities and colleges for the past century. The talk also briefly assesses claims in the USA-based Scholarly Open Access blog that some open-access Internet journals are purveyors of predatory publishing – the luring of aspiring scholars to pay high publication fees for research articles that will never achieve academic recognition or standing. The analysis concludes that the open-access saga indeed resembles an unfinished painting canvass. While the numbers of such start-up Internet journals appear to be multiplying exponentially it remains to be seen whether their future utilization is one of only a niche actor, or one capable of mounting a sustained challenge to the classical paper journal subscription model still firmly in place.

Brief Introduction of P.C. Pete Kutschera: Dr. P.C. “Pete” Kutschera, Ph.D., LMSW, is Executive Director, Philippine Amerasian Research Center, Angeles, and Visiting Professor and Research Fellow at Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University in Bacolor, Pampanga, Philippines. Founder and Chief Academic Officer of the New York, USA-based Amerasian Research Network, Ltd. (, the ARN, Ltd. is recognized as a 501 [C] 3 non-profit NPO charity under the US Internal Revenue Code. He holds a doctorate in Human Services and Clinical Social Work from Walden University and an MSW from the School of Social Welfare, State University of New York- Albany. A licensed social worker (active), former daily newspaper news reporter, bureau chief and editor, and retired U.S. Armed Forces Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel, he has presented more than a dozen international research conference and symposia papers on the Pan Amerasian diaspora. A prolific scholarly journal author, he has lectured tirelessly on Amerasian and related social and human rights issues since 2012 at major conferences and symposia from Australia, Canada, Cambodia, Dubai, UAE and Manila, Metro Cebu and Pampanga in the Philippines to Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan-the Republic of China, Thailand and the USA.